February 2012

The February 2011 meeting of Wine and Words was held at Kay’s home. She wined and dined us with a wonderful cabbage and apple salad, home-made bread and butter (who makes their own butter?) and a delectable pumpkin soup. Karen brought a chocolate mousse cake that melted in your mouth. Thanks Kay and Karen, for the great culinary treats.

We discussed Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell and all of the members who read the book gave it rave reviews.

The first part of the book sparked a lively discussion about how most Americans do not live in communities where there is a lot of social interaction. Studies have shown that people living in such communities live longer lives. Most of the gals in our book group are wrestling with “where do we go for the rest of our lives,” which many of the baby-boomer generation are also contemplating. It was a fun discussion.

We looked over the list of books from the January meeting and could not come to a consensus of books for April and May, so it was decided that Pat and Sandie would choose books for those months, since they are hosting the next two meetings.

The book for March is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.  The meeting will be at Cindy’s and Kay will provide dessert.