April 2021

The April meeting of Wine and Words Book Club was held at Cindy’s home. It was our first in person meeting since February 2020. Attendees were Cindy, Kay, Linda, Karen, Jan and Sandie. Cindy provided delicious appetizers and wine. We sat outside under cover and it was warm and cozy with two infrared heaters keeping us warm.

We talked about what’s new in our lives and shared fun stories. Kay told us about the neighbors finding an old garbage dump in their yard when excavating for a new home.

Everyone enjoyed Lisette’s List to some degree. Sandie shared a link to the images and artwork referenced i the book. V stands for Victory in Europe, peace and now for vaccination.

Kay is watching the Atlantic Crossing series.

Nomadland. Movie. Kay thinks we should read the book over the summer.

Next meeting is at Sandie’s Neptune Beach house at 4 pm. on May 25

Book is Midnight Library