September 2022

Here are the brief notes from Tuesday’s Wine and Words Book Club meeting.

Linda, Sandie, Cindy, Jan, and Anne, attended the meeting at Kay’s home.

Books brought to the meeting:

The Egg and I:

The Murder of Mr. Wickham:

The Man Who Died Twice:

The Spanish Daughter:

England, England:

Summer reading discussion: 


A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World: 

Meeting Schedule:

October – Sandie – A Boy and his Dog at the End of the World

November – Meet at a Restaurant – The Murder of Mr. Wickham

December no meeting

January – Jan

February – Anne

March -Linda

April – TBD

May – TBD

Note for discussion prior to the next meeting…what time shall we meet? For reference, prior to COVID we met at our homes at 5:30 pm and the hostess provided a meal. During COVID we met online at 4:00 pm. In March and April we met at 4:00 pm. We met at 4:30 pm at Kay’s with light appetizers.