September 2016

The September meeting of Wine and Words Book Club was held at Kay’s renovated new home. Kay, Linda, Jan, Sandie , Cindy, and Karen attended. Ann was traveling, so could not attend. We enjoyed touring Kay’s 720 sq. ft. home and beautiful garden. Kay served a lovely home-made tomato, carrot, and salsa soup along with a green salad with beets, carrots, kale, pecans, chard, romaine and avocado . The dressing was a delicious concoction of Drizzle’s Blood Orange olive oil and Trader Joe’s olive oil with lemon juice and two balsamic vinegars from Drizzle…cranberry pear and black cherry. She mentioned she tried out King Arthur’s white whole wheat flour, and it’s a little whole wheaty, but she loved the onion/apple pie made with this flour. The co-op has a brand of pasta called Schar, that Karen likes. We talked about the biology of food digestion. Linda brought yummy cupcakes from pure bliss. Thank you Kay and Linda!

LInda and Kay read My Grandmother Asked me to tell you she’s Sorry and Witches of Portabello, but they did not recommend either one for book club.

Karen loved The Little Paris Bookshop and loved it. (book for October).

Cindy read and enjoyed The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Eva Lavender.

Karen read The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessey and The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.

Cindy liked two books recommended by Linda, Stoned and Astoria.

Kay told us about a book about the Karsai family she heard about on the radio.

Cindy talked about a book she and Lou are reading, The Last of the Three, about Turkey, written 100 years ago. (Sandie cannot find link online)

There was discussion about the Queen(s) of Jordan and King of Jordan.

Book club schedule for this coming year: Oct. 25 – Linda;  January – Jan;  Feb.- Karen; March-Ann; April -Cindy; May-Sandie

Karen mentioned Auntie Mame. She will send me a link.

Kay suggested a historical fiction for a book club read. Sandie Googled “historical fiction 2016” to give us some ideas of what is coming our this year. Linda noted these books may still be in hard cover.

Cindy suggested The Presidents Club. This will be our book for November.

The French Mysteries, a series of murder mysteries by Kara Black. Recommended by Karen.

Our summer reading books were, The Storied Life of A.J Fikery and the All Girls Filling Station Last Reunion. Both books were enjoyed by book club members.

The next meeting of Wine and Words Book Club will be held on October 25 at Linda’s. Kay will be in charge of dessert. The book for October is  The Little Paris Bookshop.