October 2016

The October 2016 Wine and Words Book Club meeting was held at Linda’s. Ann was unable to attend because she’s been in Detroit with her mom, who is in Hospice care. We’re all thinking of you, Ann.

For dinner, Linda served a wonderful pear and pomegranate salad and spicy pumpkin soup. Kay served coconut ice cream with baked apples and fig sauce.

Sandie, Linda and Cindy told about their recent trip to Europe on a Viking River cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest.

Members who read this month’s book selection, The Little Paris Bookshop, thought it was wordy and long until the end and just when it got interesting, it felt rushed. Sandie said it’s a good book for “romantics,” because she can’t imagine anyone letting 20 years go by without opening a letter to find out why the love of their life left them. She’s too much of a realist. Also, the book is titled “The Little Paris Bookshop” and only takes place for 90 of the 416 pages in Paris. The rest of the time the bookshop is floating down the river, so a better title would be, The Little Paris Bookshop that Traveled down the River”. Sandie did like the suggested book list at the end of the book.

Cindy recommended The Elegance of Hedgehog, but had to leave the meeting early to pick up Katie. Cindy, please tell us more about this book at our next meeting.

Kay recommends The Girls who Wrote in Silk.

Books need to be chosen for Dec/Jan, Feb, March, April and May.

The book for November is The Presidents Club. Our next meeting is at Anthony’s on Dec. 6 at 5 pm.