March 2013

The March 26, 2013 meeting of Wine and Words Book Club was at Karen’s and Cindy, Kathy, Sandie and Ann were also present. Karen served us a light meal of soup and green salad made with a dressing of olive oil and grape must Sangiovese available at Williams Sonoma. It was delicious.

The book for the month was the Art of Hearing Heartbeats. Three of the members read the book and liked it a lot. Some still plan to read it, so discussion was limited.

Some of the members are waiting for the Kindle edition of next month’s book, The Bartender’s Tale, to come down in price. You can sign up to watch for a price reduction at

Kathy mentioned Mink River, by Brian Doyle came highly recommended by a friend.

Next month’s meeting will be at Cindy’s and Karen will be providing dessert.