February 2021

We held our February 23rd Wine and Words Book Club meeting online through Zoom today to see if that format will work better for members to connect. Jan, Sandie, Linda, Karen, and Cindy attended the meeting. At the end of 40 minutes when the free time limit ended, we just had to click the link in the email again to rejoin the meeting. Zoom worked well for everyone to get connected and it automatically records the meeting (which is helpful for Sandie to record minutes).

Everyone has had their first Covid-19 vaccine and Jan has had two. We are looking forward to meeting again in person in the next month or so. Since it will still be cold in March, we decided to meet one more time online, then in person in April.

Some of us shared construction work being done. Sandie’s family is remodeling the first beach house that was originally built in 1960’s. Cindy and Lou are adding on a new family room to their home and Karen’s husband is adding a shop in their back yard. Karen is putting in bunk beds for her grandkids once her husband moves his crafts out of their spare room. We shared our experiences shopping for bunk beds, finding workers for our construction projects, etc. Cindy is facing their new fireplace with rock! Wow!

The book for this month was Book Woman of Troublesome Creek. Karen found it hard to read because there were a lot of hard things that happened, but she went online to find out more about the blue people of Kentucky. Linda and Sandie both read and enjoyed the book. Karen enjoyed hearing about the traveling library, which was a product of the WPA (Works Progress Administration), part of the New Deal formed by President Roosevelt during the Great Depression.

Sandie did not write up notes from January and thanked Karen for sending out an email to members right after each meeting with our book schedule. Karen is reading Midnight Library and loved it. We decided to read it for May. Here are our books for the next three months:

March 30th Zoom Meeting –  Moonflower Murders

April 27th at Cindy’s  – Lisette’s List

May 25th at Sandie’s home at Neptune Beach – Midnight Library

It was fun visiting since we haven’t been able to get together very much this last year!