January 2022

Really fun to “see” everyone (except we missed Kay) last night for ZOOM book club January 2022!

The book for this month was The Choice, by Edith Eger. I think we all enjoyed this book. This woman is awesome and has some insights that others do not have. It is good that she shares her wisdom with the world. We can all learn from her. My favorite quote from her: “Fear & Love cannot coexist. Whatever you practice you will become.” Great read. Thanks for suggesting it Cindy.

Suggested reads from Book Club Members:

Cindy, Klara & The Sun, by  Koruo Ishiguro,  about A. I. and kids, robotics etc…..perhaps not a book club read, but good.

Anne, Three Sisters, by Heather Morris.

         Think on These Things, by Krishna Murti, a self-help kind of book. Philosophy. Think 1960’s ? Anne suggested this for book club read.

Jodi has a David Sedaris book she is going to read and report back. We all could use a little humor right now.

Linda, The Last Painting of Sara de Vos, by Dominic Smith. Really a good book would suggest for book club read. Reminds me a bit of The Girl with the Pearl Earring

We did not get suggestions from Jan & Karen. They always have good reads. Perhaps next time?

Cindy told us about a show she is watching called Great Canal Journeys we might enjoy. Ann suggested we watch After Life on Netflix.

Jodi has been to a lot of movies, lucky girl! She suggested Licorice Pizza, House of Gucci, Macbeth, and West Side Story. They all sound wonderful. It reminded me that we need to get out to the movies more. She did say she felt very safe at the theater. There were only 5-6 people at the movies she went to. Cindy also said she loved Belfast (the Movie).

Anne went to the Mt. Baker Theater and saw Pink Martini. She said it was so nice to get out to a live theater production. 

Anne had cataracts surgery, successfully thank goodness. Jodi also said she had one lens done and can see much better now.

Are we aging? Funny discussion……

Our book for February is The Lincoln Highway, by Amor Towle.

Everyone stay well.

Linda Muljat, alternate secretary!