May 2017

The May meeting of Wine and Words was held at Cindy’s.  Cindy’s theme was “Kentucky Derby” and we all wore hats and drank pink champagne. Chef Lou served vinegar, maple and mustard reduction risotto, with barbecued pork loin, grilled asparagus and cucumbers marinated in vinegar. We all received recipe cards for Derby Cocktails. They served a delicious dessert of lemon curd and fresh fruit.

The book for this month was A God in Ruins. Only a few members have read it. Several members commented on the distracting was it switched between characters and even time periods.

Cindy Read Life After Life, a prequel to the book, by the same author, and those members who want to read it, can do so during the summer and we will discuss both books in September.

Hillbilly Elogy is a very popular current book.

Karen is reading Circling the Sun, by Paula McClain (same author as Paris Wife) a historical fiction. She is also reading the 100 Foot Journey.

Cindy is reading the Underground Railroad. Very sad.

Some members are reading the Secret Life of Trees. We are considering this book for October.  Cindy mentioned several other books she has read along the same lines…(Cindy, email me those titles).

Kay brought up the fact that our book club discussions aren’t very organized.  She suggested we have a guideline for discussion each month. Linda and Cindy will write up an outline of this to include in these notes. The notes from Linda are included below:

  • This is what we discussed about making the most discussions out of the books:
  • Author/ when/where the story took place.
  • describe characters/ how they interacted with each other
  • Describe plot
  • List what you liked/disliked about the book
  • would you recommend this book to others?
  • Other ideas about “selecting” books for book club…..
  • Classic books
  • Foreign authors
  • Different time periods
  • Nonfiction
  • Biography
  • A Favorite Book
  • These are notes from Cindy, Kay, Linda 

Sandie will update the member roster with Kay’s new phone number and email it to everyone.

The next meeting of Wine and Words will be on September 26 at 5:30 PM at Kay’s.

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