March 2018

The March Wine and Words Book Club meeting was held at Ann’s. Everyone was able to attend. Ann served a delicious baked chicken, green salad and beets. For desert she served ice cream with blueberries.

Ann read Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist. She told us about the book and was happy that she was able to get through it. Her synopsis: A 19 year-old son of the Seattle Police Chief is living in a tent, selling pot to try to get out of town, and happens to wander in town just as the WTO is getting under way. Several other characters are developed in the book, showing the type of people who were there that day, from delegates representing countries who want to improve trade for their country to students who had no idea what WTO was all about. Ann was the only one to finish the book. She wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Linda asked a question…”Who chooses Whatcom Reads books?” I found the answer online at A list of all of the Whatcom Reads books since it began in 2009 can be viewed at

The Secret History of Wonder Woman about the life of the author of Wonder Woman, which gives insite into the origins of his ideas for the character and stories. Kay would recommend it and Mark loved it.

Kay was listening to Canada Reads, but thought the stories all seemed too dark.

Cindy recommended Lincoln in the Bardo. It is 1861 when Lincoln’s son, Willie, dies. The story is told from the perspective of people in the afterlife.

Karen will read a book she read about on a flight.

Linda read a the Shetland Murders series.

Kay asked if we read Kitchen Literacy. It’s the history of the kitchen in the US. How long did it take you to prepare for Easter dinner? Starts with the 2-year it took to prepare Easter dinner in the colonies.

Next month the meeting is at Sandie’s on April 24th, and the book is The Chaperone.