January 2015

The January 27, 2015 meeting of Wine and Words Book Club met at Jan’s home. Pat and Cindy were not able to attend, because they are both traveling. Jan served Elegant Chicken with stuffed tomatoes and green salad with Persian lime olive oil from Drizzle in Fairhaven. She marinated the chicken in coconut balsamic vinegar (also from Drizzle). Sandie provided ice cream and warm blueberry sauce for dessert. The sauce was made from locally grown Rubel blueberries, cooked with a little sugar and Grand Marnier until sauce thickens and berries are softened.

The book for December/January was Empty Mansions. Members thought the book was long but interesting and well-worth reading. We discussed the recluse, Haugett Clark, and how she had no life of her own, but lived her life vicariously through others.

Other topics of discussion were the various Academy award nominated movies seen by members…Wilde, Steven Hawkings, Imitation Game.

A local book recommendation is Drive-ins, Drive-ups, and Drive-thrus, The History of Drive-In Movie Theaters and Drive-In Food Places in Whatcom County, by Kent Holsather and Wes Gannaway.

Due to traveling conflicts, the schedules for 2015 has been changed:

February 24 – The Book Thief – Anne’s home – Jan provides dessert

March 31 – Gilead – Pat’s home – Anne provides dessert

April 28 – The Island – Kay’s home – Pat provides dessert

May 26 – Beginner’s Goodbye – Linda’s home – Kay provides dessert

September 29 – Oxygen – Sandie’s home – Linda provides dessert