February 2023

The March meeting of Wine and Words Book Club was held at Anne’s and everyone attended except Linda, who was traveling. Anne treated us to an amazing appetizer selection of assorted cheeses, crackers, fruit, spanakopita, deviled eggs and cookies.

Jodi emailed the members a review on Lessons in Chemistry. It will be our book for March.

Meet Elizabeth Zott, early feminist, brilliant chemist, single mother and TV influencer all in mid-1950’s California.

When we first meet Elizabeth, she is belittled and underestimated by the “men” in her discipline and place of work.  Enter brilliant, award winning chemist, Calvin Evans, a man who is inspired by her work and her brilliance. They have met their soulmates. Both come from very unhappy and unhealthy family backgrounds. They are so happy they have found each other.

When Calvin unexpectedly dies, Elizabeth finds herself pregnant and unmarried.  Being the feminist she is, she can’t understand why everyone thinks this is such a bad thing or even any of their business. She gets fired.

Let me introduce Supper at Six a late afternoon TV show that teaches cooking from a chemistry background. Despite all the men at the studio who don’t get it, the show is such a hit it goes into syndication!  We watch Elizabeth and her daughter grow together, and despite all odds, they find an extended family that is meaningful and comes full circle for all of them.

It’s a good-feel story that is an easy read.  If, however, you have a science degree like I do, you will identify with her struggle.  I’d like to tell you things have drastically changed, but I’d be lying.


Sandie listened to the audible version of Project Hail Mary, which Cindy had recommended at the October meeting, and she loved it. A movie, starring Ryan Gosling is in production.

Jodi is reading a David Sedaris book, she will report on next time.

Cindy recommends Horse, by Geraldine Brooks, and gave a synopsis. It’s our book for April.

Karen told us about Remarkably Bright Creatures, by Shelby Van Pelt. We selected it as our book for May, even though we aren’t meeting in May, due to members traveling. We will discuss it at our June meeting.

Karen also read Growing up Biden. Anne took the book to read because her son in law self-published a book called Growing up Right.

Jan is reading Spare, by Prince Harry.

Anne read and recommended People we meet on Vacation, as a summer read.

Karen read these books on her month-long vacation:

In Five Years

The Only Woman in the Room about Hedy Lamar.

By Her Own Design, about the woman who made Jaqueline Kennedy’s wedding dress.

Mistress of the Ritz

Television shows members are enjoying:

Jodi watches on Sundays, A Chef’s Life. She wants to eat in her restaurants.

Cindy recommends Somebody Feed Phil

The next meeting of Wine and Words Book Club will be on March 28th at 4pm at Linda’s. The book for March is Lessons in Chemistry. We are still looking for a book for June.