March 2022

(No February meetings, since several members were traveling)

Discussed  Linclon Highway – Most members enjoyed the book but weren’t satisfied with the ending.

Kay and Linda read Dan Brown’s Origin – recommended for summer reading.

Sandie read The Maid and recommended The Power of Now, by Ekhart Tolle for personal reading.

Karen brought these books to share, Lady Clementine, (about the wife of Churchill), Such a Fun Age, All Adults Here, Personal Librarian (to JP Morgan), Love and Safron, The Madness of Crowds and The Narrowboat Summer.

Cindy likes The Guilded Age series on HBO because of the amazing costumes, but the acting leaves a bit to be desired.

Kay recommends everyone see the movie, Coda, which won this year’s Best Picture Oscar.

We talked about the cost and management of online subscriptions.

The Last Paintings of Sara De Vos, book for April. Meeting at Anne’s.

How  Civil Wars Start and How to Stop Them, book for May. Meeting at Jodi’s.