November 2021

On November 30 we met at B-Town for our annual Holiday gathering. Linda was not able to attend since her family was basking in the sun somewhere warm. We sat at an inside table since it was chilly outside and were able to take advantage of happy hour beverages and appetizers. It turned out to be a great location to visit and enjoy the company of friends.

Our book for November was A Blissful Feast, by Teresa Lust. Several people thought it was not really a book club book, but we agreed it was a fun book to enjoy during the month of November and Thanksgiving because it is about food and family.

Cindy read the Jane Austin Society and now she is reading everything Jane Austin wrote. Northhanger Abbey is her current read.

Kay put together a great puzzle, the Jane Austin Book Club.

We chatted about what we are up to these days with our families and what we find entertaining…

Cindy is watching the Stanly Tucci show. One episode talks about how salmon will eventually become extinct.

Karen is reading Becoming Dutchess Goldblat, about woman with a Twitter account and a huge following.

Sandie is enjoying the series The Great, on Hulu. It is a satire about Katherine the Great. Please note: some viewers may find it too violent and raunchy.

Our book for December/January is The Choice, by Edith Eger.

Our book for February is  The Lincoln Highway, by Amor Towle, which is available at Costco.

Our next meeting is on January 24, 4:00 PM, at Jan’s.