March 2021

The March Wine and Words Book Club meeting was a Zoom meeting attended by Sandie, Linda, Kay, Karen and Jan. Anne and Jodi have golf lessons at this day and time, so were not able to attend.

The book for this month was Moonflower Murders, by Anthony Horowitz. Everyone liked the book, but Anne said, “I did enjoy Moonflower Murders but could have done without the style of writing of the book within a book. It just seemed very long and drawn out to reach the climax of the mystery… the story itself was intriguing enough.” Sandie mentioned she hadn’t realized how many books and television series were written by Anthony Horowitz. She and Rick are currently enjoying Foyle’s War, a British detective television series (2002-2015), created and written by Anthony Horowitz.

Kay’s other book club is reading a very long book (didn’t get the title) and they told members if they can’t read the whole book to read the first and last three chapters, which will give them a basic concept of the book. Village Books’ advice when choosing a book is to read chapter 5 to know whether or not you will enjoy the book.

We chatted about our home projects and are all looking forward to our next meeting, which will be our first in-person meeting since February 2020.

The book for April is Lisette’s List. The meeting will be at Cindy Geri’s home.