March 2012

WINE AND WORDS Book Club Minutes, March 29, 2011

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The meeting was held at Ann’s, who provided us with a delicious meal of crab cocktail, crab cakes (we all want the recipe), finger potatoes , salad and broccolini. Kathy provided a wonderful lemon pie made with Anna’s lemon cookies (we all want that recipe, too).

The meeting was attended by Ann, Kathy, Karen, Linda and Sandie. The book for the month, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,  was discussed and Sandie read the information about it from Wikipedia, which explained some of the controversy since the book was first published in 1885. Generally everyone enjoyed the book, although the series of events toward the end left a few members feeling unsatisfied.

The group discussed possible books to read in the future:

When a Crocodile Eats the Sun…Kathy read and liked this book recommended by Cindy last month

Cutting for Stone…Sandie is reading and had difficulty getting through the first 1/3 of the book, which is about the people working in a Mission hospital in Ethiopia. There are very graphic descriptions of surgical procedures, which might not appeal to some readers. However, now that the characters have developed and after reading a review here, which has very helpful background material, she is bound and determined to finish the book and will report to the group in April.

The Tiger’s Wife…recommended by Kathy’s daughter, Elizabeth. This is not yet out in paperback, so may be considered in the future.

Medicus … suggested by friend of Ann’s

Peace Like a River … also suggested by Ann’s friend

2 States …suggested by Karen

After a bit of discussion about what book to read for April, it was decided that everyone will read a book of their choice and report at the April meeting. We discussed future ways to choose books, since we have had difficulty this year coming to consensus on what to read. Several methods were discussed and the group liked the final suggestion that over the summer each member choose a book to read, which will comprise our reading list for the year. At our first meeting in September we will determine which month to discuss each book.

The meeting on April 26, will be at Kathy’s.

The meeting on May 31, will be at Sandie’s at Neptune Beach. This is the day after Memorial Day, so if any of you have conflicts due to travel, etc., please let us know so we can consider changing the date to the week before, May 24. Also, Sandie suggests we come at 5:30 if that works for everyone, so we can enjoy the beach and members can drive home before it is too dark.

Who is providing desserts for the next two meetings?