April 2013 (minutes from Kathy)

This report of the April Wine and Words Book Club meeting was sent to Sandie in an email while Sandie and Linda were on their Panama Canal cruise.

“You and Linda missed a delightful Book Club party last night with all in attendance except the two of you. Lou finished his pizza cooker last week, tried it out at work and then for the family on Sunday. We were next in line. What a production. He even has a dough press that he brought from Fahri who used it at his business. The set-up is very impressive and slick although it requires a lot of prep….toppings, making the yeast dough, etc. but when he is ready to cook what fun.  We had all sorts of types made to order and even one with gluten free dough for Karen. Needless to say we all ate and drank a lot. Karen made a light as air meringue type lime dessert to complete the meal.

I would say that about half of us read and enjoyed the book for the month. Jan went to a talk at Village Books and recommended a book that might be called Extreme Religions which we decided to read for Sept. A few other suggestions were made and Kay jotted those down after we remembered that we didn’t have our secretary present.

We had a lively conversation about everyone’s plans. Jan off to Russia next week, Cindy a fun filled week-end in Seattle this weekend, Anne trying to convince her husband that it is a good idea for her to accompany him when he takes their boat to Alaska this year ad she has never done that and would like to before they sell the boat, Pat and her husband thinking of selling their boat.  And on and on before we had some juicy conversations which ended up by our planning our First Book Club Skinny Dipping Event….Stay tuned for details…”