November 2014

IMG_3477The Wine and Words Book Club meet at Giuseppe’s Restaurant on Dec. 2, 2014 for our holiday gathering. We enjoyed a lovely happy-hour celebration with wine and appetizers. Everyone attended, except Pat, who was out of town. We missed you , Pat! We discussed the book for November, Zeitoun, which everyone enjoyed reading. We talked about how hard it must be for living persons to have a popular book written about their lives. This brought up the subject of what has happened in the lives of the Zeitoun family since the book was written. We also discussed how difficult it must be for authors who wrestle with how much license they can take with actual facts to make a story compelling. Do they owe it to their readers to tell the truth? Read what the author has to say about this subject at

Here is the link to those interesting (but wordy) comments regarding the mistakes in Zeitoun…

Here is an article with a synopsis of the book and the lives of the Zeitouns afterward…

The book for December/January is Empty Mansions.

The next meeting will be on January 27 at Jan’s and Sandie will provide dessert.

Happy holidays, everyone!


Here is our schedule for 2015…

December/January – Empty Mansions – Jan’s home

February – The Book Thief – Kay’s home

March – Gilead – Pat’s home

April –The Island – Anne’s home

May – Beginner’s GoodbyeCindy’s home – Changed to Linda’s

September – Oxygen – Sandie’s home