Watermelon Margaritas at Kaye’s

Some of the gals got together for watermelon margaritas and appetizers at Kay’s. We enjoyed Kaye’s garden, wore hats, ate some delectable humus and bruschetta  and toasted our good friend, Kathy, who passed away on June 24, from breast cancer. We all had attended a lovely Celebration of Life on July 19 at Lairmont Manor. Sandie has put together a website in memory of Kathy at www.kathykaiser.info .

Here is Kaye’s watermelon margarita recipe:

Prior to the event, remove the meat and juice from inside a watermelon, blend it together and pour the slush into an ice cube tray or two to make watermelon ice cubes. In a blender put several watermelon ice cubes, a shot of tequila, a splash of simple syrup and a squeeze of lime juice and blend together. Serve in a festive glass with sugar on the rim, if desired.